DCS-50/100/200 Control Panel

The Disys Technologies DCS-50/100/200 is a revolutionary control system designed specifically for the fire/smoke damper controls market. Through a program of investment in research and development, utilising the latest micro-controller technology and high reliability communications system, the DCS-50/100/200 introduced distributed intelligence to the fire/smoke damper control market.

Aesthetic design

The human interface panel has been designed to grace any entrance foyer whilst being robust enough for plant room installations.

Digital communications

The digital communications system provides high integrity signalling over 3 kilometres of cable and instantaneous real time monitoring/control of dampers.


The DCS-50/100/200 allows dampers to be added, deleted or re-allocated to different fire zones quickly, simply and at any time. DCS 50 allows for 50 dampers, DCS 100 allows for 100 dampers, DCS 200 allows for 200 dampers

Flash memory

All system configuration parameters are stored in non-volatile flash memory within the panel and the nodes themselves.

Mimic Panels

Additional panels may be fitted to a system anywhere in the building providing either a simple mimic panel or a full duplicate control station.


Options available include networked systems for larger installations, automated damper testing, fault logs, alarm logs and cold smoke clearence mode.

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