DCS EM Panels

The EM panels are the electromechanical equivalent to our DCS system. They provide a solution for customers who have a smaller number of dampers to control. These stylish panels are designed to provide power, control and monitoring for up to 20 actuators/dampers without the complexity or expense of an addressable system.

Max Devices1020
Network Length~500m*~500m*
Override ControlsStandardStandard
BMS ConnectionsVolt Free ContactVolt Free Contact
User InterfaceLEDs/KeyswitchLEDs/Keyswitch
* Varies according to cable and actuator types.

• Expanded Capacity: Accommodate up to 20 actuators, catering to larger buildings
and more complex systems.
• Simplified Control: Effortlessly manage damper operations with user-friendly interfaces
and intuitive controls.
• Enhanced Performance: Ensure precise and reliable damper control, positioning, and
fault monitoring via a simple LED indicator system for optimal building comfort and
• Cost-Effective Solution: Eliminate the need for expensive addressable systems,
delivering significant installation and maintenance cost savings.
• Seamless Integration: Easily integrate the DCS EM panels with the need for only a single 4
core cable to each actuator.

Dimensions (WxHxD):
EM20 – 655mm x 410mm x 160mm
EM10 – 305mm x 410mm x 160mm
Connections: Cable gland knockouts on top side
Left Side Hinges on Left
Right Side Hinges on Right
Material: Mild Steel
Interfaces: Volt free fire alarm

Supply: 187-264 VAC ; 47-63 Hz., 300W
Supply Wire Size: 1.3 – 2.5 mm² / AWG 16 – 14
Input: Fuse 6A Slow
Output Power: 20x 24 VDC (0.6A per Actuator)
Output Cable: 4 core 1.5mm2 (eg. FP200)
Status Indicators: 20 tri-colour damper status indicators
Single Power On Indicator (green)
Alarm Indicator (red)
Control Switch: 3 Position (Open, Closed, Test)

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