DCS-Master TUI Damper Control Panel

The Disys Technologies DCS-TUI Master adds an innovative touch screen user interface to the DCS damper control system. This allows for cost effective customisation of the user interface in order to provide multiple fireman’s overrides as required.

In addition to the features of the DCS-200 TUI, the DCS-Master TUI provides:

Status & control

Via the intuitive touch screen interface the user can view the status of all dampers on the system, testing can be performed by loop or by zone.

Override controls

During a fire alarm event options are presented to the user to override the automatic operation of the dampers

Customisable graphics

Simple outline zone/building drawings may be created and dampers status icons placed on them.

Flash based system

Using cutting edge technology enables a full graphical user interface to be implemented without the cost overhead of a PC based touch screen system.

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