Interface Devices

All the Disys Technologies controller interface devices are micro-controller based intelligent devices which monitor the status of various elements of the damper control system and broadcast status information to the network via the industry standard CANbus protocol.


The DIN12 is most commonly used as the fire/smoke damper control node. Available to control either 230VAC or 24VAC/DC actuators, it also monitors the status of the actuator limit switches.


The DIN12VF provides the damper control system with two volt free contacts and four digital inputs. The typical usage for the DIN12VF is for AHU interfaces.


The DIN08 provides 8 opto-isolated inputs to the damper control system. Typically used as the interface between a fire alarm system and the damper control system.


The LNI or Loop Network Integrator is designed to allow multiple loops (each loop restricted to 125 devices) to communicate over a master loop to the TUI control panel. This increases the amount of devices that can be connected to the TUI whilst maintaining communication speed and reliability.


The DIN80 provides the damper control system with 8 binary volt free outputs that can be used to switch low power devices such as relays.

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